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As we continued to focus on helping Creators, Publishers, and Affiliate Marketers better monetize their links we are excited to announce that we’ve recently launched support for the affiliate program. This launch adds another opportunity for your links to work harder and smarter for you.


Walmart is incredibly popular in the United States and was long known as the largest (physical) retailer across the country with what seemed like a Walmart store in every city and town across the country (5,358 stores in the US in 2018). Their focus, even from an early beginning (the first store opened in 1962!), was centered around offering shoppers the lowest possible prices, and they built an incredible distribution network to be able to do just that (the feat of which is still a popular case study in MBA classes).

In more recent years, Walmart is known for it’s $3.3B acquisition of to increase their ecommerce presence and for bringing in their co-founder, Marc Lore, as the new CEO of Walmart eCommerce. Before, Lore was the founder of another ecommerce company (Quidsi / / / that was eventually sold to Amazon in 2011. It seems that from his multi year stint at Amazon, which didn’t end well, that Lore started on a path to disrupt Amazon’s push for domination. With Lore at the helm of Walmart’s ecommerce drive we’ve seen huge improvements and becoming a legitimate alternative to Amazon for a wide range of consumer packaged goods as well as electronics and groceries. is now ranked as the 108th most popular websites in the world, 22nd in the US and 13th for “General Merchandise” shopping according to SimilarWeb.

Affiliate Program

Further, Walmart also happens to have a well-managed affiliate program for, which many consider as another great alternative to Amazon’s affiliate program. In our attempt last year to quantify the affiliate landscape we saw it was the 7th largest affiliate program with nearly 6,000 affiliate sites as recognized by PublicWWW.

The affiliate program is managed via the Rakuten Marketing affiliate network (a.k.a. LinkShare for us “oldschoolers”). The program pays commissions of 4% for most products (via Rakuten) or 2% via Skimlinks. The cookie length is 72 hours. The commission rates in comparison to Amazon’s affiliate program are mostly on par, but Walmart’s 3 day cookie window far surpasses Amazon’s 24 hour window.  

The average earnings per click with the affiliate program vary drastically between $0.02 being reported by Skimlinks and $0.22 being reported by VigLink. In comparison to Amazon we typically see an EPC of $0.05.

Similar to Amazon, iTunes and Microsoft, Walmart uses different online storefronts to service specific regions of the world. Walmart has stores in 27 countries but operates under 55 different names including (Asada in the UK, Seiyu Group in Japan, and Best Price in India). Each storefront is targeted to a specific region (eg. and it’s affiliate program is focused specifically on consumers in the United States) has individual affiliate programs for the other international storefronts.

The affiliate program is managed by Rakuten Marketing, along with the programs for Mexico, Brazil and Canada.’s affiliate program is an interesting alternative to Amazon’s Associates program for a couple reasons. First, the operating agreement is bit less strict and allows links to be placed in “offline” places such as PDFs, and ebooks. Additionally, while a consumer’s trust in your links is always very important, the affiliate program also doesn’t have the requirement of having to mention the store in close proximity of the link which can often be a challenge on social media. These are all things that Amazon’s affiliate operating agreement bans.

Second, the deep catalog and inventory that Walmart brings to it’s ecommerce store, as well as it’s recent introduction of including 3rd party sellers via it’s “Marketplace”, means that many of the products that can be found on can also be found on + Geniuslink

While the affiliate program offers a range of linking tools and the Rakuten Marketing dashboard offers a deep linking tool, it’s still a bit of a process to take a product link from the site and convert it into a fully functioning affiliate network.  

We are excited to announce, however, that any product link can now be used in a link and you can rest assured that all clicks on it will be sent to the correct destination with a properly formatted affiliate tracking link.

We call this process “Auto affiliation” and it’s very simple to set up. You simply need to grab your Partner ID from the Walmart Affiliate dashboard and drop it into Geniuslink. Once we have your Partner ID all of your links for will start using the tracking info appropriate for your affiliate account. Additional information on adding your affiliate information into your Geniuslink account can be found in our Knowledge Base.

Please note our recent rollout of VigLink and Skimlinks support also enables you monetize links through either of these monetization platforms. There are multiple benefits of using VigLink or Skimlinks but signing up directly and adding your Partner ID directly into Geniuslink allows you to keep 100% of your commissions earned from the program (vs. the ~ 75% that is paid out when using an affiliate aggregator).

Further, it’s important to note that we currently only support auto-affiliation for but have plans of support (Mexico) affiliate program, (Brazil) affiliate program, and the (Canada) affiliate program in the near future.

Excited to try out using Geniuslink with the affiliate program? We have a few suggestions if you are up for a challenge and want to experiment with augmenting your Amazon affiliate links.

A/B Split Links – The Associates program is often a mainstay way to earn commissions from US-based clicks, though we’d encourage you to test if its the best option for your audience and recommended products. The A/B Split Test links provide a platform to closely track between two or more affiliate programs.

Use a A/B Split Test link to compare performance of Amazon’s affiliate program to’s affiliate program.

Choice Pages – We believe that curation and choice is good for the consumer and have built out Choice Pages to enable you to promote a single product but offer multiple destinations for the consumer to choose from (and you’ll monetize the sale either way).  You can see an example here — — and we bet you’ll see a boost in overall conversions and total commissions. More info on how to set up a Choice Page can be found in our Knowledge Base.

With a Choice Page you can place Amazon and Walmart affiliate links next to each other in a clean, easy to buy way.


In the last few weeks we’ve rolled out support for monetizing your links in a number of ways with the launch of direct auto affiliation for, as well as B&H Photo Video, and thousands of other affiliate programs via integrations with VigLink and Skimlinks. And we are just getting started.

We look forward to hearing your feedback.

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