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Top Affiliate Marketing Programs By Country


Hello there! Welcome to the world of global affiliate marketing! The internet is home to many retailers, many of which have affiliate programs. You may be familiar with your local retailers and some major retailers around the globe (cough cough, Amazon!, cough). Still, odds are you’ve overlooked a large number of retailers, with affiliate programs, with which your customers abroad may prefer to shop. And if you’re unaware of the top affiliate marketing programs abroad, it won’t be easy to branch out your affiliate efforts effectively.

We have proven that your customers are more likely to buy a product (after clicking your affiliate links) when they able to shop at their preferred store. Allowing your customers to shop where they feel most comfortable (think local language, currency, and fast shipping!) can boost your commissions and give your customers a more streamlined shopping experience. With this in mind, we’ve created the following resource of the top affiliate marketing programs (the top retailers with affiliate programs) across some of the most popular categories, and in the countries from which we see significant traffic.

Affiliate Profiles

Our interview with Stacy Caprio

Who are you and what are you currently working on?

My name is Stacy Caprio and I currently invest in websites as well as manage a few of my own sites.

Affiliate Marketing Book Industry

The Power of Curation for Book Marketing

Our CEO (Jesse) and CMO (Mario) were invited to join Bad Redhead Media in late 2019 for the weekly #BookMarketingChat on Twitter to talk about a unique take on Book Marketing that Authors can do to help build engagement for their books and characters.

The conversation was titled “Going beyond the book- how to use curation to deepen the relationship with your readers and fans” and focused on two topics we are passionate about — book marketing and affiliate marketing — as well as our recently acquired curation platform —

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Earning Amazon Bounties Worldwide

If you’re an Amazon Affiliate then you are likely familiar with the commission rates for referred sales. You get X% commission after you refer a buyer for a given product. But some may not be as familiar with the bounties that the Amazon Associates programs payout.  

What’s a bounty, you ask? Besides helping Amazon sell products you can encourage your audience to things, such as signing up for an Amazon Prime trial, creating an Amazon Baby Registry, and recommending Audible subscriptions, which can earn you a decent-sized bounty. Amazon maintains a lengthy chart of various actions you can refer to, and the bounty paid for each. For example, successfully referring an Amazon Business account can earn you $15 per action. That could be much more profitable than referring video games with a 1% commission

Affiliate Marketing Amazon Associates Affiliate Commission Rates: A Historical Guide

The affiliate program (a.k.a. the Associates Program) is the most popular affiliate marketing program in the world with one recent source citing “millions” of affiliate publishers.  The Associates program has also evolved significantly since its inception in July of 1996 (as anything Internet-related should in the ~ 23 years of its existence). One of the most impactful changes is in how the affiliate program rewards the affiliate publishers who direct customers to Amazon and recommend various products.