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As much as we take pride in our dashboard, we know there’s times you don’t want to log in, open another browser window, find the link you want to shorten, copy and paste into your Geniuslink account, then run through the Link Creator to customize and save it. If you’re looking to simply shorten an Amazon link, or quickly create several links that you’ll customize later, that workflow isn’t super ideal.

Well – you’ll be happy to know we’ve just released a Geniuslink Chrome Extension that allows you to right click on any link or page on the web, then automatically create a link from the link you’ve clicked or the URL of the page you’re on. You can pick the group your links get synced to, then go back later and add all sorts of good stuff like Advanced Targets, Remarketing pixels, or even upgrade the intelligent link to a User Choice Landing page if you want!Geniuslink Chrome Extension

You can find full details about the Geniuslink Chrome Extension in our knowledge base, or you can download it directly from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Please note: the extension is in beta as we get more feedback from our users and learn what we can do to make it better. Feel free to contact us at any point if you run into any issues or have ways we can make the extension better.

Happy linking.

-Team Geniuslink

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